Clown/Mime ban

Jackson Rust
Job ban, mime/clown
I am not sure about the date but, Perma ban I think
I don’t think I was ever warned for getting banned as them
Wizard’s Den Lizard
I’m not sure if I’m perma banned or the reason I’m banned at all because I was never informed
Please tell me why and how long I’m banned, Thanks in advance.

Looks like you were banned on 08-14-2022 principally for playing clown, breaking into the Janitor’s room for Galoshes, then axed the janitors to death before the end of the round over this minor grudge because they stopped you from stealing galoshes. It is indefinite until you appeal.

Hey SpydAxe,

Staff consensus is to  accept  this appeal. It seems like you have had a streak of consistent playtime and no notable bans or notes since this was applied. Your rolebans will be lifted shortly.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals