CoffeeTaffy - "Homophobic slur"?

Ban reason: Banned for “Homophobic Slur”
Length of ban: Until Appeal
Events leading to the ban: I would never use call somebody something so terrible as a homophobic slur and I have no recollection of using it against any other player. I’ve tried to join a game after being absent for a good minute only to find that I have been banned for “homophobic slur” with no other sort of explanation. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I am a very proud bisexual, married to my wonderful partner, and I take things like slurs extremely seriously, I would never subject another player to that cruelty and create a hostile environment like that. 

This appeal was put to a vote by the admin team and the resulting action is to unban you immediately as it is clear the context shows you did not use any slurs against others. That being said, please report anyone calling you slurs over ahelp and don’t mention it in game, we take these things very seriously.

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