[colds] - [RDM as Captain/ 3rd ban] (ingame)

SS14 account username: colds

Ban reason: [RDM as captain]

Date of ban: [Cant really check that if it doesn’t say it.]

Length of ban: [Appeal only]

Events leading to the ban: [I saw a huge crowd beating up one guy, so I joined in on the fun. I was just bored I guess. Next time I’m bored, I wont gib people and beat up people.]

Reason the ban should be removed: [Honestly, my notes are really bad, and I agree with that. I want to join back into the community. Seen fun updates and want to experience them. I promise you. I wont break anymore rules. :)]

Wizard Den Lizard



Hello there. Prior to this ban, you’ve accumulated several notes and bans which all share a similar reason. These are:

  • 06/01/2023 - Mass vandalism
  • 07/01/2023 - Killing your own rat king as a servant. 3 Day Game Ban.
  • 11/01/2023 - Mass vandalism and RDM. In an AHELP relay an administrator you cited ‘enjoyment’ as a reason for your actions, and acted oblivious to rules saying ‘what rules’ & ‘this isn’t a word’. You were also asked to read the rules by the admin. 
  • 17/01/2023 - RDM as a non-antag. 1 Day Game Ban
  • 30/01/2023 - You, as a captain, seeing that a random corpse was being beat up by a player named ‘I See Beavers’ with a fireaxe, proceeded to join in and beat the corpse leading it to be gibbed. 

Simply put, I have a few questions to ask:

  1. May we know, to your recollection, a full outline of events that led to the gibbing? 

  2. In an AHELP relay, you mentioned citing believing the downed player ‘killing the wardens dog’ and ‘spiders’ as justification to gibbing it. What led you to believe this happened, and why didn’t you call security or bring the corpse to medical for inquiry? 

  3. You have a prolific history of RDM. How would we know this would not happen again? 

Hey there.

  1. I only remember walking around the boxing arena when I saw a huge group of people beating up a chef. I instantly started beating the chef up too. Some guy said “He killed a friendly spider” For some reason I kept beating him even though I was told he did nothing wrong. I should’ve asked what he did before joining in, then taken the issue with security.

  2. Now that I look at it, it doesn’t seem right to kill someone for murdering an animal. It’s foolish. I was looking for fun at that time. What fun meant for me was ruining other people’s fun. I no longer agree with that.

  3. I never opened my mind and cared, but now I will listen and not just come up with stupid excuses to continue shittery. I want to fit back into the community and not ruin the fun for others.

I am a bad captain and want to change that for all my behavior.

Administrator consensus is to accept your appeal. Do be noted that under our banning policy, the next ban would be a voucher ban with a minimum waiting time of six (6) months. 

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