Command banned

SS14 account username: ChoccyMilkDealer
Role(s): All of command
Date of ban: 10/29/22
Length of ban: indefinitely
Events leading to the ban: I had already had a talk with some  few admins and had gotten Captain role taken away however the action that got me banned was me attempting to purge a clown and also acting as a captain.

Reason the ban should be removed: I believe the ban should be removed because I believe i could add to the roleplay variety as command, I am aware of what i did was wrong and will Not try to act overtly aggresive,self antag,or ignore my job completely as command.Also 1 more mistake from me and i get banned perhaps please 1 more chance.

This appeal is denied. You have a very limited amount of connections and playtime since these rolebans were applied and you have an excessive number of notes relating to poor command role play. You may appeal again in a month once you have had significant playtime issue-free as non-command roles.

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