[core atmos mechanic] Joule-Thomson effect

I recently wondered why gas in small propellant tanks remains cold despite being in hotter areas. This led me to discover the Joule-Thomson effect. According to my knowledge about atmos, there is currently no working JT effect in SS14, with the closest approximation being the “space” cooling mechanism, which only reduces the temperature of gas in contact with space through passive vents. However, it is mentioned that gas also leaks out of the pipe system.
Given that atmos is currently lacking in activities and most stations already have math-maxed trit/freezon blueprints, I would like to suggest the addition of the Joule-Thomson effect in the game.
The JT effect correlates volume to temperature while pressure changes, or in simpler terms, less gas in volume means a decrease in temperature, and vice versa.
If added, it would allow for volume-pump based cooling and heating machines (assuming only cooling compressors would be practical). Additionally, when liquidification/solidification/state of matter changes will be added to the game outside of specialized machines (currently, we only have a liquefaction machine, and no way to make liquids gaseous again, nor vaporization on anything other than water), it will require developers to create something like a periodic table and rework the whole chemistry system to ensure stable math.

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