Cutplays ,prma ban

SS14 account: Cutplays
Character name: Lee Beelee something close it it
Type of Ban: prma ban on lizards idk about other servers

Date of Ban and Duration: DFB: cant remember about a week ago Dur: prma
Reason for Ban: releasing a plasma can on evac as a atmos
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: i was fucking around in atmos when i hear a big boom noise come from AME it exploded. I go to QM to try to get parts and a controller but they didnt have any money so i go to atmos to get plasma for them to sell but power goes out and evac called as soon as i get to cargo. so im like fuck it im bringing it on to evac for endgame as im right next to evac as i get on evac i sit down and wait for endgame with my plasma ready to go in me left part of me screen near the same place i put my tool tab as im trying to see if a dude is a sndi (he just gutted CE next to me) as i go for my wielder to wield the door shut i fuck up and open the plasma can like 20 secs from cent the admin AHs me I say MB as I didnt mean to do it so he says he going to ban me for 3 days i say fair as i did fuckin release plasma in to the air but when i tried getting on today it hits me with a prma
Why you think you should be unbanned: well i didnt mean to do it as i dont like to troll that hard as that ruins fun for people. I try to help others by working on the wiki a bit if you need proof i did some stuff to gases and made a whole page for CE. i think the three day ban was fair but i dont think prma is fair as i made a mistake.
Anything else we should know: will not be leaving my Gas GUIs open near my tools nor will i bring them on evac.

Your ban was escalated to a permanent ban because you have three prior bans. As per our banning policy, a player’s third ban is appeal-only.

For clarity, if you are unbanned here and banned again, your ban will not be appealable for six months and you will require a voucher from another SS14 or SS13 server to return.

ah thank you for helping me understand why i got prmaed Stealth

The team is divided on this one. As mentioned you now have three bans on file and already have built up a few notes over the last month.

On condition of accepting this appeal, we are implementing an appeal only head/security ban. Also, as Stealth already mentioned, your next ban will be a voucher ban which is only appealable after 6 months with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. Bans are no longer considered for vouchers if they are older than six months, so I strongly suggest you are on your best behavior for the next few months.

And let me also mention, do not bring things on the shuttle “for the end round”. Nobody cares if you’re the last man standing during the end of round grief session and preparing explicitly for it is not allowed.

This appeal is accepted.

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