DaBubbleGuppies - Attendance near coup


Ban reason: Attendance near coup

Length of ban:  Indefinite 

Events leading to the ban:**  **
For the majority of the shift, I was wandering and messing around doing passenger things in the bar playing music, and such.
I noticed things went south when announcements started to come out saying to overthrow the HOS and Captian, around that time I was near the bridge and was able to see the security inside absolutely being idiots. Soon after that, I heard gunshots north inside of SD and went to investigate with my baseball bat. I saw several crew members actively fighting SD which I automatically assumed were Revolutionarys (chat logs will confirm), so I hung back trying to find an opportunity to help SD against them but things quickly went south and all SD were dead. I went into SD and grabbed some armor and a security keycard expecting to eventually be attacked by the assumed revvys, also took people to MD who were hurt and healed them SD and crew alike. I had no idea these people were going against any rule of the server and I think I was unfortunately caught in the crossfire.

Reason the ban should be removed:
 I did not harm any SD or Crew / helped heal all those who were injured. I did all this under the assumption the crew members were revolutionaries. 

thinking about it now i think i may have swung a few times during the SD raid which hit people so it would be a lie to say i didnt hurt anyone.


Hi DaBubbleGuppies,

We’ve reviewed through the replay and logs and will be going forward with changing the ban duration from indefinite to a 3-day ban for involvement as we’ve investigated further.

You may login to the server within 3 days from this date and time.

 This ban was reduced by the banning admin. Wizard’s Den Banning Policy allows banning admins to process appeals of their own bans in certain situations.

One of the requirements for processing your own appeal is that the ban be within ban guidelines. A 3 day ban is within the ban guidelines for a first offense of participating in a revolution.

If you believe the ban was the result of bias, or if you dispute any facts that led to the ban, including the claim that you participated in a revolution, you can appeal your 3 day ban by creating a new appeal. If you decide to appeal your 3 day ban, you can copy this appeal and update the ban length as long as the “events leading to the ban” and “reason the ban should be removed” are both still accurate for the 3 day ban. If they are not accurate and you’d like to appeal the 3 day ban, please rewrite them so that they are accurate.

Wizard’s Den makes round replays available. The replay from the relevant round can be downloaded at: https://cdn.centcomm.spacestation14.com/replays/lizard/2023/10/16/lizard-2023_10_16-14_46-round_35746.zip. Reviewing and citing timestamps from the replay may allow an appeal to be processed faster:


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