Daemon - Discord Ban

Discord account: daemon3789
Date of ban: 27/03/2023
Events leading to the ban: I was involved a mass harassment campaign by the Nyanotrasen staff against multiple Wizard’s Den Maintainers. I was also greatly mentally unstable due to stress and various other factors leading to a lot of attention seeking behavior that added on to the decision for me to be banned from the discord. 

Reason the ban should be removed: Removing the ban would give me the ability to apply for whitelist on the MRP servers, and make it easier for me to engage socially with the community again. Being the host of Nyanotrasen was an incredibly stressful experience, especially working with the now blacklisted individuals who were incredibly toxic and unstable, and at the time I chose to back them in their harassment of Wizard’s Den because I felt like I had no other option, admittedly because I felt attacked by Wizards Den since I was the host of Nyanotrasen. I do now understand why I was met with distrust, as I was actively letting the harassment happen. Before I actively engaged in the harassment (Because I felt attacked and trapped), I was essentially trapped in that position as host and eventually really only had the options of either staying in and try to prevent it from getting worse, leaving and letting it get worse, or doing what I can to remove the people who made it worse. I eventually chose the third option and in the process I was committing total social suicide due to most of Nyanotrasen’s player base not understanding the true gravity of how bad it really was internally in Nyanotrasen in regards to toxicity and the constant spite and harassment against Wizard’s Den.

I have improved my mental stability as well as publicly acknowledged and renounced the actions of myself and the others who participated in Nyanotrasen’s mass harassment campaign against Wizard’s Den and it’s maintainers. I helped another server rise from the ruins of Nyanotrasen the best I could, and retired into the background for some time. I know I am once again mentally stable enough to not make the mistakes that lead to my ban happen again.

Project manager consensus is to accept this appeal. Your discord ban will be lifted.

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