[DAEMON] - Mollpom


SS14 account: Mollpom
Character name: Richard Fruitcake
When was the ban: 3:13 PM
Server you were playing on when banned: US Lizard 
Your side of the story: Round was going very bad ( captain self antag + antag was a beginner, was murderboned by the cap for trying to tell him that lethal was only in last resort, find the ghost of the antag and tell him that he can buy things with his PDA to get stuff, discussion goes towards the holoparisite, get ressurected by an admin (re enter the round for free),well managed to steal the PDA of the antag with still 20 credits on it, and bought a parasite i summoned the parasite  then ask what does the holoparisite wants, the parisite responded with a fierce will to kill, thing that i acknowledged, knowing well that the round was a shit tier one, and then some murder happened and one of these murder was an afk guy (i thought so) i pointed at the guy who had a stunbaton ) to signal my parasite to attack and in 3-4 attacks the guy was dead AND gibbed. 

then the round ended 3 mins later 
Why you think you should be unbanned: i got 102.7 hours and i tought some newcomers that wanted to play, im not the perfect player and when a round goes to shit, well i go to shit too 
Anything else we should know: i stayed polite with the staff while the staff was adament towards my permabanning

  1. Blantant Self-Antag

  2. RDM of a player (AFK or Not)

  3. You have 102.7 Hours, you know not to RDM and/or Self Antag, you are not a new player, you have no excuse for what you did.

  4. Did you say ONE of the murders was me? so you MRDMed?

wait did you permabanned me because you thought i only killed you ? 

don’t take this personally please 

3 minutes ago, Mollpom said:

wait did you permabanned me because you thought i only killed you ? 

don’t take this personally please 

I permabanned you for the first 3 reasons, and specifically stated for you to make an appeal on the forums for a reduced ban.

This isn’t me grudging and permabanning you because you RDMed an admin.

Also, this isn’t your first ban, I’ve dealt with you in the past.

Ban Reduced to 1 Week.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals