DaMinah1337 - ""ERP/Sexual Content"" (the chinussy incident)

Ban reason: the ban reason that was stated was “ERP/Sexual Content. Was given a prior warning shortly before.”

Length of ban: Unknown (I guess that means permanent, I am not sure.)

Events leading to ban: Nuke ops round, some guy said on security chat “hey everybody im markiplier”, to which i replied "hey arent you the guy who groomed me in 5th grade?’ to which I got a warning by an admin to “not reference grooming again”. I said will do, carried on with being a sec during nukeops. Some guy found a china lake from the nukies later on and gave it to me to hide since they hadn’t found the bag of ammo that comes with it. Asked the clown where his office was, put it in there, then I said “alright guys i hid the chinussy lake” in the security channel, not saying where i hid it in case syndies had control of the channel. Then everybody said “WHAT DID HE SAY???” and a big kill icon appeared over my head and the HoS (i think? maybe it was the warden idk) went to shoot me, i died, got pissed off that i got team killed and left.


Reason the ban should be removed: I genuinely didn’t expect such a remark to be a bannable offence, I understand that I was told off for the grooming remark which was crass, but still, ending a word in -ussy is deserving of a ban? Unless it was because I left afterwards but i had no intention of evading if that was the case, and I apologise for that too if that was a part of it.

The ERP rule is a zero tolerance rule, so not even in the context of a joke is it permitted.
I’m not sure what compound words you were trying to make with china an ussy but its one p short of a cat. Especially so shortly after a previous warning about a related topic, gave the impression that you were intentionally pushing boundaries.

I have removed the ban and accepted the appeal but be acutely aware, any further ERP comments in any context will likely result in a voucher ban which can only be appealed after six months.

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