DanitaMorales - permanent ban due to homophobic slur and Ban Evasion

SS14 Account: DanitaMorales

Character Name: Anna Morbington

Date of Ban and Duration: I forgot the date but it is a perma ban

Reason of Ban: Homophobic slur and Ban Evasion

Server i was playing on when banned: Lizard

Your ide of the story: I was playing one day as a medic and i got killed by someone who thought i was the same medic that gave him a injection but i wasn’t but he still killed me and i got mad and said a homophobic slur when i was cloned back on the shuttle by my HMO, he even told me to calm down which i did. After a few days or weeks past i got banned for it and i didn’t wanted to say goodbye to my friends so i tried to evade ban and made an alt found out it didn’t work and than my stupid brain got an idea to have the alt be my phone account on the forum while my first account that i made on the pc be my pc account. In short i decided to have two accounts one for my pc and one for my phone. Moony found out about it and my dumb ass replied to the man who was going to see my appeal with my phone account. Forgot that i have to reply with my main pc account but instead i replied with my phone account which got my appeal denied and made me wait one month which i totally deserved it after seeing what i did. I do not know what to do with my alt but have it as my phone account or delete it if the admins says so.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Lizard was the first server i joined when i got into the game and i made a few friends within the server. After a few days of mindlessly going around the station and passing each round as a passenger i decided to get a job so i went to the HoP asked for a job and he asked what type of job i wanted so i wanted to be a security officer or a cadet but the HoS denied my request so i went to med bay and was accepted by the HMO to become a med intern, at first i thought being a med intern must be boring but after a few rounds i found out that it was a cool and nice job. The HMO is chill and cool, my co workers are positive and you get to talk with random people coming to med bay and socialize it was a nice job all around and i didn’t wanted to say goodbye to that job. I wasn’t the best medic or med intern but i will keep you alive if i had medicine and if i don’t have medicine around i’ll find what ever i can get to keep you alive and even if you die i will drag your body back to the cloning bay and get you back up again even if it risks getting my self killed, if im determined that i’ll keep you alive you’ll be alive. And Moony If you see my appeal i am sorry of what happened back when i joined the science team, i got too excited and did a mistake which i deserved being turned into a monkey and getting banned. 

Hey DanitaMorales,

I have reviewed the circumstances of your ban and your prior appeal. You appear to have held up your end of the bargain and I think you have a good understanding that slurs or evasion will not be tolerated in any form. Staff consensus is to  accept this appeal. Your ban should be lifted shortly, have fun.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals