[daspy222 game ban appeal] - Wizards den Lizard

SS14 account: daspy222

Character name: I don’t recall the name of my character on the server, I’ve only played like 2 rounds (I think I just randomized it)

Reason for Ban: “Welderbombed sec, DCed when asked about it by a secoff. Please appeal at forum.ss14.io to explain the situation”

Your side of the story:  I do not recall this event, I recall welderbombing two players in the maintence shaft on your server at the same day while being a janitor, I have however been following their actions and one of them turned out to be antag at the end of the round, Don’t recall messing with security, but I apologize if I have and promise to conduct myself better in the future

Why you think you should be unbanned: If I have broken your rules I apologize and promise to conduct myself better, I have only played a few rounds on the server and skimmed through the rules when I join so I do admit to some power gaming, but would conduct myself better in the future!

This was the most recent round you played. You were Douglas Wheeler, a technical assistant.

About 20 minutes after joining said “Hi” “Need fuel” then blew up a welding tank. After that, you went to the medbay saying things like “I’m in a very bad condition” “I have severe burn damage”. Once you were healed, you left and went to the theatre where you seemed to afk for a bit. A security officer came up to you and said “Douglas” “What do you know about sec” “Do you have any run ins with them”, at this point you started moving, leaving the room you were in and going down a hall. The security officer followed you saying “DOUG” “Lets talk” and you disconnected.

Please feel free to give any updates in response to this information.

I do recall the round now. I apologize for causing issues, especially not communicating with sec after the event. I promise to not break any rules in the future if you do consider an unban. Pretty new to the game overall but have since been playing on another server and playing more proper. Thank you for consideration :slight_smile:

Hey daspy222,

Your actions in-game look a lot like you joined with the express purpose of blowing up fuel tanks, which is majority of the reason why this resulted in an appeal ban after your disconnection. I would strongly suggest you avoid intentionally detonating fuel tanks or other similar activity if you are learning the game as it looks exactly like you’re trying to be disruptive and it is difficult for us to separate new player mistakes from intentional malice if we cannot speak with you about it.

That being said this was your first connection to the server, so the team’s consensus is to accept your appeal and lift this ban. Please carefully read over the rules and try to avoid blowing random fuel tanks up or disrupting other players for little/no reason as a non-antagonist.

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