Deathwing- banned for not answering ahelp

Ban reason: “disconnected after being ahelped.”
Length of ban:
Events leading to ban: Went to take a shit, came back closed my game reopened it to a ban
Reason the ban should be removed:idk why its there

Originally I thought you were ignoring me, but considering that some ahelps were broken for players and admins I think that was the reason for it.

Initial reason was you were cuffing security in security as a non-antag clown. That was when I sent the initial ahelp. I then saw you walking out of security without uncuffing them, which was the point where I ahelped you.

I watched you walk around the station with plenty of oppurtunity to answer and log off in a closet near evac, so that is why I thought you were ignoring me.

I mean, clown cuffing an officer, doing nothing else, then leaving Sec sounds hilarious and not too malicious…

It really is not funny.

Sorry about that lucky genuinely didnt see it, you’re right wasn’t that funny. onlykindafunny But I wont do something like that again regardless

From Accepted to Ban Appeals