Default Forum Profile Pictures

I’m setting up options for default forum profile pictures. My plan is to have various things from SS14 as options. This topic is for helping decide what options to have.

I’m looking to add around 20-30 options total, but I might end up only doing a few with this vote and then doing votes or something later to add more.

Custom Profile Pictures

People with a high enough “trust level” (something you get bumped up in as you use the forums) can upload their own profile pictures, so this is just for people who aren’t high enough or don’t want to. I’m planning on increasing the requirement after this is done, but it should still be easily attainable for anyone who semi-regularly interacts with the forums.

The Polls

I’d recommend voting for options that you personally would like to have as options for profile pictures.

@Skarlet and @crazybrain along with random people on Discord helped come up with the options.

Something I’d like to do is have options for every species, multiple skin tones, and long/short hairstyles, but that can easily take up all of the 20-30 options that I’m planning to add. That means that if I do it, there would be either none or very few other options.

Should I add a passenger from most/all species and with multiple skin tone variations?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care
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I tried to use station tile backgrounds but they don’t look great when you only see part of them and they’re super zoomed in. The space backgrounds I’m planning on using are at space-station-14/Resources/Textures/Parallaxes at master · space-wizards/space-station-14 · GitHub. Specifically layer1.png and space_map2.png.

Which background do you prefer?
  • Space
  • Solid (White)
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I’m only supposed to do 20 options per poll max so hopefully this is fine :godo:

Which character/object do you prefer?
  • Passenger
  • Clown
  • Cook
  • Janitor
  • Engineer
  • Cargo tech
  • Scientist
  • Doctor
  • Salvager
  • Security Officer
  • Senior secoff
  • Senior sci
  • Senior doc
  • Senior engi
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Head of Security
  • Head of Personel
  • Research Director
  • Quartermaster
  • Captain
  • Mime
  • Traitor
  • grey sec
  • centcom official
  • chemist
  • geneticist
  • virologist
  • Blood Red Hardsuit
  • Agent hardsuit
  • Cybersun hardsuit
  • Commander hardsuit
  • Atmospherics Hardsuit
  • Engineering Hardsuit
  • ERT Leader Hardsuit
  • Salvage Hardsuit
  • Explorer hardsuit (that other salvage hardsuit)
  • RD hardsuit
  • CMO hardsuit
  • Old EVA suit
  • New EVA suit
  • Emergency EVA
  • Clown EVA
  • mime eva
  • deathsquad hardsuit
  • Dragon
  • Mouse
  • Ghost
  • Carp
  • Slime
  • Rouny
  • Cak
  • Bread dog
  • Rat King
  • pAI
  • Honkbot
  • mothroach
  • sharkminnow
  • xeno
  • cluwne
  • Pet/animal (vote which below)
  • Borg (type would be voted on if it wins)
  • Positronic brain (active)
  • MMI (with brain)
  • Disposals Unit
  • Banana
  • Artifact (type would be voted on if it wins)
  • Anomaly (type would be voted on if it wins)
  • Airlock (type would be voted on if it wins)
  • Throngler
  • Brain
  • Toilet
  • Singularity
  • Tesla
  • Gold bars (full stack)
  • Silver bars (full stack)
  • Red phone
  • Banana phone
  • Syndicate phone
  • vending machine
  • hydro tray
  • bread
  • pie (the red filling one)
  • banana pie
  • beach ball
  • basketball
  • nuke
  • plushie (vote which below)
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Vote here too if you voted for pet/animal above
  • Runtime
  • Ian
  • Lisa
  • Old Ian
  • Baby Ian
  • Exception
  • Smile
  • Paperwork
  • Morty
  • Shiva
  • Morticia
  • Renault
  • Floppa
  • Bingus
  • space cat
  • space kangaroo
  • space bear
  • space spider
  • boxing kangaroo
0 voters
Vote here too if you voted for plushie above
  • lizard plushie
  • rouny plushie
  • bee plush
  • space lizard plushie
  • human plushie
  • diona plushie
  • arachnid plushie
  • vox plush
  • xeno plush
  • shark pink
  • shark grey
  • shark blue
  • narsie plush
  • ratvar plush
  • slime plush
  • hampter plush
  • moth plush
  • atmosian plush
  • nuke plush
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I just wanna say, that seems like a great addition and I’m moderately hyped to see a lot of the options presented.

I made an account specifically to complain about the fact the pun pun isn’t on this or the bartender
but the geneticist and virologist are?

You are now banned from the afterlife bar, good day

I blame @Skarlet, @crazybrain, and all of Discord pls let me into the afterlife bar

(also the forums use your ss14 account so by “made an account” I hope you mean logged in with your existing ss14 account)

Now that you mention it, I agree, Pun Pun absolutely should be an option.

I’ve added the first set of selectable avatars. If you want, you can switch your profile picture to one of them in your account preferences. People who have participated enough on the forums will still eventually unlock the option to upload a custom avatar, but the requirement was raised slightly.

Since the passenger poll was a clear yes, almost all of the added avatars are different species and skin tones of passengers. The selection display is much more compact than I expected, so I’ll probably be able to add quite a few more options as time goes on. My plan is to eventually get a few more of the top results from these polls added, and then either rotate some options or add more if more things become widely popular options. I might also add a few more variants of species, I think diona only have one color option right now. Thank you to everyone who voted

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