DeGarza - Escorted Prisoner as HoP


= For game bans =

SS14 account username: DeGarza
Ban reason: As HoP dragged a prisoner outside of cell
Date of ban: December 30
Length of ban: Indefinite ( I had mistakenly thought the conversation was over and disconnected due to it being quite late).
Events leading to the ban: As the station began to spiral into chaos, with reports of nukies on board, I decided to visit Security to see what defenses had been gathered. I was also playing as the HoP. I had been sitting in Security for a few minutes when two prisoners began to complain about the warden not letting them out despite their time having been served. As I had been in there for at least 10 minutes, I figured they had most likely finished their sentences and the warden was just not letting them out. The warden began chatting with a prisoner, I don’t remember about what but do know that he was not letting them out. So after a prisoner and I had tried to flag the warden down, with the prisoner letting the warden know through chat and me walking to the warden and pointing at the prisoner, I decided to escort the prisoner out myself. The prisoner, who was the chaplain, began informing me that they did not like the station’s sec force, and wished the nukies would win. Considering what had happened, I agreed with him, and then escorted him to my office so he could be uncured and released. However before reaching my office the warden told me the prisoner had not actually served their sentence and was still needed at security. At this point, I handed over the prisoner. I figured since the warden was present, and back to doing his job, he must have some type of plan for the prisoner rather than just forgetting about them or ignoring them in jail. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel the ban should be removed because the warden had been consistently ignoring the pleas of the prisoner to honor the sentence they had been given. Further, I believe I should be unbanned because ultimately custody of the prisoner was returned after the warden expressed actual interest in the prisoner.

I would like to edit this as I have thought more about my conduct. I think even if what I said was true, the action should not have been committed in the first place. I realize next time the better course of action would be simply to use ahelp rather than take matters into my own hands. 

Hi DeGarza,

We’ve gone over your appeal and have come to a verdict,  we will be lifting this ban.

Effective immediately, you are unbanned.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals