DesktopDoritos - Banned permanently for detonating Lexorin bombs and logging off twice

SS14 account: DesktopDoritos
Character name: Sydney bunten
Type of Ban: Server ban
Date of Ban and Duration:  8/20/22, Permanently
Reason for Ban: As the screen reads: "Detonating multiple Lexorin (Deadly chemical) Bombs and logging of as RD/Research Director
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: Alright so I made smoke bombs loaded with Lexorin and planned to use them at that FFA/Free for all of a end of the round, though my parents wanted me to get off, I was extremely mad and detonated the bomb on myself, then cut power to my pc, though the 1st time I went to a secluded area without any humans inside to kill my character with Lexorin as a cool way to log off, I didn’t think I would be banned as the bomb only went about 3-4 tiles out from its detonation area
Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned or at least have a heavily shortened ban due to the fact that (from my observations) I’ve only murdered 1 other person besides myself, the gas fades in about 7-8 seconds and a permanent ban for this is very very harsh especially with the fact all station’s med bay’s have cloning units for dead people, I only know of 1 effect that carries over to clones and that’s when you drink plasma, personally I’d suggest shortening the ban to possibly a day.
Anything else we should know: Lexorin effects depend on how long its being inhaled for, for example I accidentally drunk 5u of it and injected myself with a medipen and only got to tan medical status
appeal, include it here.

Also, the server is one of the few active servers I’ve seen that are in English

Given the nature of the ban (wording even reads, " appeal at with an explanation for why you thought this was acceptable"), it should be clarified that the ban is a permanent ban in the sense that an admin deemed it necessary to speak with you about this before letting you back into the game. It has nothing to do with body counts or damage done at the time as much as it has to do with us having no way to reliably speak with players otherwise if they leave before questionable actions can be addressed.

That said, do you understand why we might take issue with you using a lexorin smoke grenade to kill yourself as a department head when simply using /suicide and letting an admin know you had to go would be a more preferable option? Based on logs, I’m not seeing much effort in trying to contain any collateral damage like additional casualties, which is concerning. It becomes more concerning when considering the role you were playing that round (scientist/research director) has direct access to a toxins room where you could’ve set this off without issue.

Oh, my apologies for being a pea brain, I forgot of the Head of Department rule, main reason I did the bombs was to see what would happen, I was angry and took it out on people I shouldn’t of, in my defense I believed any dead would quickly be cloned and it would be fine, also I believe there wasn’t a toxin room on the map, I promise to never attack the civilians of SS14 again I just want to play again, also if I’m unbanned I will RP it off as being brigged at CentCom for war crimes, public endangerment, and attempted murder.


Random murder is extremely frustrating for those on the receiving end. That was random, senseless murder. Do not do it again.

Appeal accepted.

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