Discord ban appeal for eewa

Discord account: eewa#3123
Banning admin: I’m not sure, but it was probably an admin who I was ignoring because he was being toxic.
Ban reason: I asked questions about the game’s features and said that popups for new mechanics would be better than a long wall of text tutorial.
When was the ban: A few days ago.
Your side of the story: Read the ban reason, that’s all there is. And like I said I think it was an admin who was mad I wasn’t responding to him (he kept trying to insult me and get a response out of me and had already kicked me once for no reason.)
Why you think you should be unbanned: This should be obvious, really. I shouldn’t be banned for being curious about the game, especially without a warning. All the coders and “admins” were being toxic to me and I wasn’t even acting the same.

by the way what is peanut posting

Why would you want back into a place that, apparently, is being toxic to you.

because i like the game and i guess if i dont ask any questions about it the “admins” will leave me alone. i also am considering trying out c* coding or whatever it’s called and i’d be happy to try and contribute if i actually go through with it

and also, i will add, i dont really expect the admins to act this way forever

You were banned from Discord for repeatedly being rude to multiple people as well as constantly bothering maintainers and other contributors, and just being a nuisance in general, even after being kicked and reprimanded several times. You don’t seem to care or have stopped this behavior, since this appeal is filled with passive aggressive comments. We will not be repealing your Discord ban.

Some excerpts of your behavior that led up to the ban:






After you were discord banned you decided the right course of action was complaining in OOC about admins when people just want to play the game.


Discord search is currently down otherwise I’d post the complaining you did beforehand when people are just trying to play the game.

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