Discord Ban Appeal

Discord account: Kovicrisi17 (Kovicrisi17#0526)
Date of ban: 29/06/2023
Events leading to the ban: I’m actually not sure what happened but someone had asked for my opinion essentially (At least I think this was the reason for my ban) We were just joking around with the pride theme of the server and such and well it started with a mod saying “If you’re in the server you are automatically gay” something like that, Then this one guy said “To Qualify for this server you need to: A. Be Gay, B. Have some Mental Disability, and C. Hate or be a furry.” He said this specifically to me. Then I responded with “Furries I dislike to begin with, Does ADHD count as a Mental Disability? and being Gay is the last thing I’d be” Then I went over to another server to post something funny that came from SS14 server and then I find myself not being able to find the server aka being banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: Well, I don’t think I did anything wrong, I just replied to this guy and voiced my opinion of myself. I was just straight up banned without even any warning and I’m not even sure if there is a rule that I broke. If there was then well I’m sorry but that guy legit baited me into saying what I did say. I did not mean to offend anyone but it would be stupid if someone did get offended to what I said since the server is sort of chaotic. Weather I get unbanned or not, it would be wise to warn the person first instead of doing a perma-ban instantly for something this small because it just feels petty. I also do not have any images for this but I’m sure there is a chat log for it. Also I maybe should’ve specified that not ALL furries are bad because I actually am friends with some furries it’s just that some revolve their personality around being one.

We were banning large numbers of individuals who decided to come into the SS14 discord while the auth servers were down and start posting slurs/insults/porn/gore in the general channels much to everyone’s distaste. You were likely caught in the crossfire as someone trying to start trouble as we collectively banned at least ten other people around the same time.

Oh, Can I get unbanned? I’m not sure what I could’ve posted, I only posted one gif and it wasn’t really distasteful either. 

I could show you the one gif I posted as far as I know.

Am I getting unbanned? Atleast say something please


This gif btw: https://tenor.com/view/spunch-bop-scrunkly-gif-24361689

Um, is my ban getting appealed or what is happening? You saying you banned people posting distasteful things and I got caught doesn’t really confirm weather I’m unbanned or not. I just want to be in the server to see any updates or problems with the servers when I can’t play. That was one of the only days I have chatted in General Chat just to pass the time and wait for the servers to come back online. So could I please get a response to this and not to be left off the side here?

Be patient. You are not the only appeal up.

Ok my bad, I did not know it would take a while.

Hi ok, I understand that there are other appeals but I literally just witnessed a ban being appealed within 2 hours of it being posted and it was very low effort… I’m not sure what would take long to unban a person that was “caught in the crossfire”


Discord appeals go through a different process then game ban appeals and we’re also trying to change how we handle appeals in the interest of getting them handled more quickly. Handling them more quickly comes with the issues of appeals not getting the due process they need. As I am sure you understand discord’s logging sucks and so does trying to handle appeals in the middle of a handling appeals refactor.

Your insane amount of impatience aside, this appeal is accepted. We would strongly request that you keep your discussion topics in the discord appropriate.

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