Discord Ban Appeal

Discord account: richord
Date of ban: Don’t remember.
Events leading to the ban: I would assume the events and the reason for why I got banned to be the same as with why I was permabanned from the game. Toxicity, being an asshole, bullshit behavior like that. For further explanations on all that I suggest just digging up my accepted unban appeal.
Reason the ban should be removed: As of right now I have zero interest in chatting or socializing on that Discord. I wish to be unbanned so that I may submit bug reports, suggestions or be able to contact the admemes in the rare case that an urgent problem comes up in-game and there are no admins around to help out with the situation. The amount of activity on the forums has me convinced that it’s mostly just used for unban appeals and that if I want to actually have my suggestions and feedback seen it would have to be posted on the Discord.

Administrator consensus is to deny this appeal. As far as I am aware you are unlikely to be banned on GitHub which would be another good place (better than the discord) to discuss feedback on changes if you can do it in a respectful and polite manner. Appeal again in two weeks.

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