Discord Ban Fernman7202

Discord account: Fernman7202
Commonly used names: Known as Hoid ingame
Banning admin: Paul
Ban reason: Inflammatory language/trolling (said the Ukraine logo change doesn’t fix anything)
When was the ban: 22:00 GMT
Your side of the story: After going and talking about this with a friend I’ve realised that me saying what I said wasn’t really necessary at all, to be honest. I brought it up in conversation prior to the ban, got told why, and said “ok” and left it at that, and when another guy came in and said something along the lines of “thank the admins for their useless benevolence” I told him not to be a dick but then agreed with his viewpoint in that, at the time, I did not view the guesture as being worth it. A few of the admins in the chat at the time told me to stop complaining or something along the lines of that and one of them seemed, to me, to be quite angry about this, so I (perhaps foolishly) pointed out what I viewed as their hypocrisy in saying that, as they had said to me earlier, they were getting offended, when they’d told me I was getting offended. I was then banned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Was my ban unfair? I believe so. I did not really get warning for what I did; however, it is true that my contribution to the conversation, as it were, was not necessary in the first place. I was not muted, and I was deemed to be trolling. This is the part I particulary disagree with. My intention was not to upset or cause anger, I was sharing my opinion and viewpoint - of course, I did not need to be doing that, and therefore I understand the punishment. However, it appears I have been lumped in with the more clownish individuals who actually take offense and either hate Ukraine or are just ignorant. That is not me. The displacement of millions by an out-of-touch dictator is not something anyone should have to endure and yet they have to. And this furthermore ties into the thinking and conversation I had with a friend - if we can’t (and shouldn’t, for the horrors of war on both sides) go and take a rifle and fight on the front lines, even if I, cynically, viewed the logo change as virtue signalling, at the end of the day it’s still a net positive from a utilitarian standpoint. I’ll keep my political and philosophical opinions to myself.
Anything else we should know: (edit) forgot to mention this but my ban was said to be without duration but NOT perma, if I understand that correctly, and I was told I should appeal if I wanted to be unbanned.

Noone got offended by you.
You were banned because we got tired of you trying to start meaningless debates about the change of our icon to have the colors of the ukrainian flag and repeating the same senseless arguments over and over. We are a videogame(-discord), we dont exist for you to dish it out with others over politics.

I’d have accepted this appeal, were it not for you insisting that your ban was purely due to someone getting offended, and not because you were misbehaving. Therefore i’m looking forward to you appealing again, but i’ll deny this one.

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