Discord Ban Fernman7202

Discord account: Fernman#7202
Commonly used names: N/A
Banning admin: Paul (if I recall correctly)
Ban reason: Trolling, discussion of politics when it was not necessary
When was the ban: Sometime in March, perhaps the seventh? That is when I made my appeal.
Your side of the story:: I asked why the logo had been changed to the ukraine flag and got told why and said “OK”. Later on someone brought up the flag again - they said something along the lines of “thank the admins for their useless benevolence.” I told him not to be a dick but at the time agreed with his viewpoint - I viewed it pointless and clout-chasing to change the logo. This is a view I no longer hold, as it is pointlessly cynical to view the world in that way. A few people, one of which an admin if I recall correctly, asked me to stop complaining. I was banned soonafter I made a snarky and dickish comment.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Was my ban unfair? I don’t think so. While I didn’t get much warning before the ban it was a common sense issue on my part that I should most certainly have thought through my contribution to the conversation, as it were, was not necessary in the first place. It was silly for me to start politics conversations in a discord not dedicated to said conversations; therefore, my ban was justified. However, it appears I have been lumped in with the more clownish individuals who actually take offense and either hate Ukraine or are just ignorant. That is not me. I do not agree with the invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s actions at all. The displacement of millions for the sake of one man is abohrrent. And so, even if I, cynically, viewed the logo change as virtue signalling, at the end of the day it’s still a net positive from a utilitarian standpoint. I’ve learned my lesson - don’t chat politics and don’t start meaningless conversations that are bound to get out of control. I wish to be back in the discord as I enjoyed my time there and I’ve lacked access to the support channel and the ability to converse with people about the game.

Anything else to know: The ban was not perma, but it was without duration.

Been a good amount of time since the ban and you seem genuine about it. Unbanned

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