Discord ban

Discord account: Fear#2822
Date of ban: 5/8/2023
Events leading to the ban: [I was previously permanently banned for dismantling a single substation, and my appeal was denied. I then saw someone use a very derogatory racial slur in game and then win the appeal when they were banned, so I complained about it in the discord. I was asked to stop talking so I did. A moderator then <span>@'d me asking me a question. I answered the question and was promptly banned</span>]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I was informed of the rules regarding talking about bans in the discord so I moved on from the subject. A moderator in the discord asked me a question so I answered it. Banning me for responding to an administrator seems like a case of entrapment considering people get appeal banned all the time for not answering moderators in game. I believe I should be unbanned following the circumstances of trying to follow 2 conflicting set of directions from staff. I’ve included the appeal in question below.]




Denied, you came into discord to stir pointless drama about an appeal-ban and you pinged Lilten who responded with “huh” and kept insisting on continuing.

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