Discord: eeshaa#3123's Ban Appeal

I am confused. I planned on appealing my Discord ban today because I was banned from the game again and I probably won’t be unbanned any time soon, so I have no way to interact with the community anymore. Before I made an appeal I rejoined the Discord just to make sure I was even still banned in the first place, and to my surprise I wasn’t… at least for a tiny bit. After just a few hours of being the server I came back to my PC to find I was banned (with no ban reason or any admin message), though at the time I thought it was just a kick because I was talking about my game ban (someone asked me about it), but since I wasn’t able to rejoin I assumed I was banned for a different reason (because explaining your ban to someone doesn’t seem serious enough to warrant exile from the server). Anyways, after thinking about it I just assumed I was unbanned on accident and an admin realized that and banned me again. So if I WAS banned for another reason, I am totally clueless and please tell me why. But for now this appeal will assume I was never meant to be unbanned and my ban reason is the same as it always was.

Discord account: eeshaa#3123
Commonly used names: eewa
Ban reason: The admins found me too annoying.
When was the ban: A while ago, probably a whole year but I have a poor memory.
Your side of the story: I joined the server to ask about what features were planned, already in, being worked on, ect. ect. and that seemed to annoy a lot of people as they were really aggressive (most were just passive aggressive though) to me. Even a mod joined in, and even KICKED me after I blocked him because he wasn’t saying anything nice to me. But anyways, I was banned for that, which I understand.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Well a permanent ban simply for being annoying is ludicrous to me. I have been banned for more than long enough to have learnt my lesson, and I have and am sorry. If I’m allowed back into the server I won’t be annoying nor toxic, even if other people are toxic to me.

This appeal is shorter than most, but that’s because I don’t know what else to say. I was banned for being an annoyance and I’m here to apologize and ask to be allowed back in, so please don’t see this as lazy.

This ban was instated because your new account is an alternate account used for ban evasion. You were never at any point unbanned from our discord server.

i am not using a new account though…?

I’ve only made one new Discord account, and I’m almost certain it was before I even played SS14, but I will take your word for it. Thank you for clearing that up.

Why do you want to be back in the discord server considering you’re currently appeal-only banned from Wizard Den servers? What’s the point of being in the communication hub for Wizard Den spaces when you currently aren’t able to play on them?

Should be noted the only reason you even got caught was because you were complaining about the conditions of your ban in our general chat, which is something that is not allowed.

Because I still care about the game, and would like to be involved with the community one way or the other. I probably won’t be unbanned anytime soon sadly so this would be my only way to interact with the game/community.

And to answer your second question, I am glad I was “caught” because I didn’t even know I was ban evading, I was just able to join the server for some reason; I didn’t mean to sneak in or anything. I didn’t know bringing up the fact I was banned because we were talking about administration would be considered complaining, but I understand why admins wouldn’t want people doing that.

This one’s gonna be a no at this time.

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