Discord mute appeal, Mithrandalf#0706

Discord account: Mithrandalf#0706

Banning admin: Paul

Ban reason: No ‘quotable’ reason given, see below

When was the ban: 15:45pm, UTC

Your side of the story: Guy in general channel says SS14 hacked his computer and changed his root password. I, assuming (possibly naively) that this entirely unrelated to the game, reply one time with ‘skill issue tbh’. I come back after a couple hours to a permanent mute. In my absence, the guy had left the server and apparently I was to blame.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I literally said skill issue, in jest, one time. I don’t think that’s worthy of a permanent mute with no warning. Even if the person in question left the server because of it, I really don’t see how that was something I could have foreseen, should have expected, or am responsible for. Maybe I’m wrong there. I’ve seen admins do worse. I’d have accepted a warning or even a short mute without any complaints. I’m in the process of learning to contribute to the codebase, I’ve had a few PRs merged, and I’m not going to be able to do that without access to the discord. I’m sorry insofar as it is a shame the dude left without getting help, and I will make an effort to be more welcoming to people with issues (which someone saying ‘be nice’ would have achieved), but honestly this perma mute feels petty and unwarranted. If the point of the mute was to get me to make an appeal and prostrate and beg for forgiveness, here I am prostrating.

Reading back over this it’s more passive aggressive than it should be, I was pissed when I wrote it.

I should emphasize that I genuinely do think it’s a shame that the guy left without getting his issues solved, if I’d known he’d leave the server because of that, I wouldn’t have said anything. A mute for my part in it is still, IMO, overkill.

We were unable to come to a consensus until the other admins has woken up, so the mute was admittedly hasty. Contributors are very visibly voices of the project in the discord, so please refrain from this kind of behavior with regards to serious situations like this. Unmuted.

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