Discourse real


I had to disable minimum post length to write this shitpost


Help I accidentally generated a 72 digit password


Watch Discourse be actual shit and all this time CE was just swindling us.


You’re cringe


Does Discourse have custom emojis support @Chief_Engineer


Genuinely enjoying how much more snappy this is. I can’t really explain it, it just feels better.

Also, fuckiiiiiing Garuda Arch Linux site uses this same shit, I didn’t know it was Discourse lmao

My favorite part was when he said discourse and then discoursed all over the place.

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I think one of the plugins we have adds them

Dear god help me where am I. I’ve basically never used any forum site ever in my life what’s going on.

Can someone tell me where the bathroom is? I’m lost.

Old fucking man.


It’s time!

You tellin us there’s DISCS in this horse???


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rain was here!!! vasilis made me curious, made an account just to say hi!!!

CE’s life goal has been achieved :slight_smile:

Holy shit discourse!