[Djcooland] - [Giving crewmember to the chef ]


= For game bans =

SS14 account: djcooland.
Character name: Loui Jensen.
Type of Ban: Game ban.
Date of Ban and Duration: 16/10/2022 for 2880 min.
Reason for Ban: “Bringing the chef afk members and telling them to make burgers from it, appeal for a shorter ban duration”.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard.
Your side of the story: Was playing science, when one of the crew members haf been AFK for a while ,and they had that yellow text that indicates that the player has left. So decided that might as well give the kitchen the opportunity to make some burgers. So i dragged the guy into the kitchen freezer and told them it was a meat delivery.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Well feeding any form for alive crew to the chefs won’t happen again thats for certain.Also would love to have that shorter ban length, since i have been grinding a bit lately, trying to learn the different departments, so i can actually do a usefull job on the station.
Anything else we should know: Would love to know if i fucked up somehow, and this is because guy was not 100% disconnected.

We don’t permit killing afk or disconnected people on the chance they come back. This includes turning them into burgers. You logged out right as I was about to tell you that.

Ban has been lifted. Have fun!

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