do you think HoP and/or QM should be getting their own hardsuit?

Why or why not?

hop usually raids eva and qm usually raids salvage

tho it would be cool so every head has a hardsuit, although:

  1. hop out of office, kos
  2. qm doesnt really need to go outside since usually in cargo or the shuttle

Warden could raid armory, but getting hardsuit was huge QoL update imo

I’m gonna be real - heads being in space is literally easy AA for any Syndicate on board, I am all for giving HoP his own hardsuit to go and play in space with Ian. Jokes aside, if Nukies come, they can use EVA. Box already gives QM a fucking salv suit that has protections far beyond salvo’s initial hardsuit.


hardsuits are dumb

On 5/12/2023 at 7:20 AM, lonesoldier55 said:


hardsuits are dumb

but protects good

also not dumb ):

Head of Personnel. Manages service (cooks botanists bartenders and the troublesome duo of clown and mime)- Other than being “technically” second in command. their role has no reason to go into space nor engage in combat. they also have access to EVA and so could grant themself that right. (but thats kinda powergamey to me)

Quatermaster. Manages cargo. - While cargo does technically external access due to the ship. Noone other than salvage should really be wandering into space anyways. While this could be considered a reason to go to space. Its not really needed as they can just use the salvage hardsuits should there not be enough salvage to do that job anyways (Or just hire someone :slight_smile: )

Both have no REAL reason to have a hardsuit. HoP has EVA/EVA access. QM has salvage suits.