Do you think it's wrong to hold a shuttle/restart vote because the map is Detroit?

Personally I believe that if the vote passes its fine as long as it isn’t a nukie round.

The restart round vote seems not to work or is disabled when the map is barratry but that could be a global restriction as I’ve only tried to do restart votes on barratry (tee hee). You could disable restart votes only if it’s nukies but that could be metagamed


Recently I was RD on barratry and make a shuttle vote as ‘barratry tradition’ and there were about 10 votes before it died down and most were yes’s so I called the shuttle, the alert level was green so it took 10 minutes and during that time there was no mass outrage and no other head recalled it, even after I reminded everyone that the shuttle was indeed coming. There was no incident on the shuttle and when the game ended it was revealed that it was nukies, I feel bad for the operatives but there was no way I could have known without metagaming and it was their fault they didn’t make a move as, as far as I know, console announcements also reach the nukie planet


But enough about me, what do you think on the matter?

I think you need a ban from all command roles.

Wrong? No. Distasteful, maybe.

Since the poll isn’t available, you’re doing it in character, which is kinda bad roleplay. Centcomm sent you to this station, you can’t just go back. Do your job.

What I’d like to ask is: how do people end up playing on Barratry if so many folks hate it? I don’t pay attention to what the next map is going to be, but it shows in the lobby, right? And you can call a vote for next map, right? The only scenario I can think of where players unwittingly end up in Barratry is when there’s a disparity between readied players and connected players. IM NOT SURE HOW THIS WORKS OK, but I think the available maps are decided based on the number of connected players, and, let’s say people want to play on Fland (min 70 players), but then less than 70 players ready up and bam, you get Barratry.

And how often do you play on Barratry, compared to other maps of similar size? Is it really that bad to have Barratry once in a while?

(I didn’t like Barratry at first, but I’ve learned to appreciate it. I also used to think there were TOO MANY MAPS, but now that I’m playing more often, I don’t feel that way.)

It’s terrible roleplay even for LRP

Calling a restart vote because you personally don’t like the map will get you in trouble.

Immediately calling the emergency shuttle round start because you personally don’t like the map will get you exploded and in trouble.

i believe calling a restart due to reasons that are not in character such as the station is unable to function properly is silly and should not be done no matter what even if a large mass have biased towards a certain map.