[Dont Remember the name] Perma Ban Appeal - chatubademesquita

SS14 account: chatubademesquita
Character name: Nicolai Dincus
When was the ban: More or less Three mouths ago in february

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard´s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: Well honestly, its was really my bad in this story i will not try to deny it. i was playng as a good cap when i remembered a thing that i heared in ss13 that gived me some ideas , and a clown just vented the brigth , i had an extremily stupid and malicious idea(was inspired by thing i heared in ss13) and when someone captured the clown for me ( for other crimes) i decided to strip the clown of all its belongings and identity and i denied the clown the rigth to be a clown and gived a new identity for the clown ( Sec Slave). my  my objective , scare the hell out of the ex-clown to reform him of is wicked ways with super wicked things , like using some ERP but not doing much. really i spoke some messed-up stuff but not something too outrageous( but could be considerated , i gona let you judge it because for me was not so outrageous but for other people can be considerated outrageous so this is from person to person ) i locked the clown in the barthroom and threw some wine and pizza for him because i really did not wanted him to die of hunger, and left him ther because i was more bussy resolving the the many problams of the station , i was a good cap and was one of the last bastions of hope (leaving aside what i did to the clown) for the station that was slowly goin in to pure chaos , i tryed to do my part and when we where pretty close to pure chaos i was banned, ( i bet that after i was banned the station fell in to chaos). well that is the story i know fully well that i am in the wrong i just did not know that the punishment for ERP was so severe. I released the singulo one time as a Non-Antag and was banned just for two days. i really dont undestand how the punishments for isolated incidents and incedents that affect all the station work. i really would like to learn how everything works to avoid future bans , i would appreciate it if you could show me but if not i understand.

Why you think you should be unbanned: i really really really like this game, its just so full of creativity and so much awsome ideas that i want to try it all ( ever knowing that this is impossible) i know i have some asshole ideas some times but, i have other great ideas to and i want to try them out. i am not perfect but i gona try to stick to the rules more and avoid acidents like that . thanks for readyng until here, i hope you have a good day , afternoon and nigth (depending when and where you are reading this)
Anything else we should know: nop. i think i sayed it all.
appeal, include it here.

As per admin consensus you are permanently banned from Wizard Den spaces with no appeal.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals