Duck Adventure

An adventure of a duck, decisions voted by forum members.
The twist is that you never actually control the decisions of the duck, you control the decisions of the people who interact with the duck.

The duck is hungry, and wanders into the local bar, and asks a question:

Got any bread?


Yes, says the bartender, who hands the duck some bread.

The duck eats a piece and walks out of the bar.

The duck is now thirsty from eating the bread.

The duck walks up to a man at a stand selling grapes and asks:

Hey, got any lemonade?


We’ve got a tie, Heads for No, Tails for yes.
Yes it is.

The man selling grapes also conveniently has a lemonade stand right beside the grape stand!
Giving the duck a glass of lemonade the duck chugs it down quickly and runs off before being asked to pay.

Continuing in its travels the duck waddles happily, but suddenly duck’s arch nemesis, the goose, is seen prowling in the area.

The duck quickly thinks and takes what bread it has left and throws it to distract the goose (Remove all bread from inventory), and begins to run in the other direction!
A few onlookers watch as the scene unfolds.

What does the goose do?


The duck quickly takes the opportunity to escape, and ends up in the deep woods, near its secret hideout.
Walking into the secret hideout the duck takes a nap and says “Until next time”

I cant keep on top of this so I’m ending it instead of letting it stagnate.

It sucks how I’m the only one who chose no so far.

Game is game, however…

How can you not feed ducky?

Though now that I think about it, white bread is prolly not good for ducky.

I pop a xannie because clearly I have psychosis or something

Okay, next question is up, I believe that I got the poll working again properly for the next one

a duck walks up to the lemonade stand and he says to the guy running the stand
quack quack quack
got any grapes

You can’t sell grapes under the scorching sun all day without having some lemonade on ya!

15 hours ago, Daemon said:

Okay, next question is up, I believe that I got the poll working again properly for the next one


4 hours ago, Jacksepticeye said:


it replaced the old poll. Through witchcraft, daemon is able to edit old posts no matter how old they are. I need to fix that but I don’t want to interrupt the duck adventure so that’s a job for future me

Poll 3 of Duck Adventure is up!

This feels like an Untitled Goose Game thing…

Oh shit i forgor, I will update this soon