SS14 account username: Dwexter
Ban reason:  f-slur
Date of ban: Not exactly sure but roughly a year ago
Length of ban: perm
Events leading to the ban: It has been so long since I’ve been banned, I do not remmeber exactly what happened, but I was probably paly with some friends and called one of the the f slur just joking around and offended someone else that was watching our interactions and got reported by them. I apologize for using incistive slurs on your game and will always watch what I say with more care and consideration.
Reason the ban should be removed: Its been over a year since I’ve been banned, and i just refounded the gem of a game ss14 is and I would really like to rejoin the community as I really enjoyed role playing on ss14 and you guys are one of the only populated english servers. 

This appeal is accepted. Please understand that such language is zero-tolerance on our servers. We would strongly suggest you refamiliarize yourself with the rules as they have likely changed to some degree since you last played.

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