Eclips_e69 - Command Ban

SS14 account username: eclips_e69

Role(s): Entirety of command

Date of ban: 8/21/2022

Length of ban: Permanent (I assume?)

Events leading to the ban: I remember these rounds very vividly (as it was almost half a year ago), but I remember refusing to do something to HoP as CE, if I recall correctly I refused to give them insuls. Next round, I rolled syndi and bombed HoS (same HoP as last round, I didn’t notice the correlation) with grenades, and them executing me. Next round, I was a secoff, and the HoP (same HoS as last round) wants me demoted for no reason. I get pissed but give in and resign (ahelped it ofcourse), after the round ends, I talk about it in discord, the person ended up getting banned but I got a command ban from moony for “abuse of the post” and “giving them a reason to grudge you in the first place”.

Reason the ban should be removed: I honestly do not know why I was banned (moony’s statements are vague imho), and I feel it’s been long enough. I don’t understand how discussing it in discord was ‘abuse of the post’. I doubt I even gave them a good reason for them to metagrudge me, aside from just refusing to give them something like insuls.

Ah, I remember most of the story now. (I was talking with some friends about the rounds via discord, I reread the messages)


Round 1: I was playing engi, HoP wanted guitar, it was on lighthouse and we didn’t have any CE. Next thing we know, HoP gave themselves access to get the guitar. IIRC we argued over it and then HoP let us keep it.

Round 2: Playing botanist syndie when I wanted to cause a little chaos, I bought grenades and bombed the first head I saw which was HoS (the same HoP from last round), they cloned and brigged and executed me via spacing.

Round 3: Played sec, all of a sudden captain/hop (same hop and hos in the last rounds) calls me to hopline, asks for my ID, I question why and it’s because I’m being demoted for being “unfit for sec”. I don’t remember if I got my access back or not.

The admin team has decided to accept your appeal. You should now have no active role bans.

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