Eden - Appealing for a command ban

SS14 Account Name: Eden

Roles: Everything that falls under the command category

Date of ban: March 19th 2023

Length: Until Appeal

Events Leading to the Ban: There are too many incidents for me to recall all of them, but a few notable ones i do have memory of is giving a clown AA and suiciding as hop when getting caught, another is “Authorizing Beatdowns as HoS” (I didn’t directly mean beat people, it was meant as like, go do searches and arrest the violent ones, but it’s to late for that) and another incident that wasn’t noted originally is Banning clowns as captain

Reason the Ban Should Be Removed: It’s been one month since i was department banned and i have had zero bwoinks since than, i’ve been ahelping more and i’ve been pleaying warden a lot and so far have had no issues in the role, i have strong reason to believe that i could return into a command role, while not causing any issues or other notes, i have also been attempting to catch shitters a lot more as well, other more notable reasons to remove my department ban is that i’ve been called a good warden by multiple people, i’ve also just avoided shittery all together and have so far been very well mannered and non destructive of the station all the way back in march.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. You now have no active role bans on your account.

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