Eden, Occasional Shitter, Griefed as remi


Was griefing as remilia


Ban Until Appeal

The events that led up to it we’re pretty mundane nothing really happened until i played as i remilia where i started running around and breaking lights, biting secoffs and all that, i honestly have no clue why i did it, some urge to just go break some stuff and be an ass i guess

Reasons the ban should be removed: i rarely go out and do stuff like this, it’s not like me to ruin everyone else’s fun cause i got bored. Was the ban deserved, yes, should it stay, no. i feel that breaking lights and biting secoffs doesn’t warrent it staying but i probably will be on thin ice for a while and should be working on my behavior cause clearly i got some issues up in the old think box

Hello there, you’ve accumulated many notes in less than a month. Four notes demonstrates similar behavior. They are as follows: 

17/02/2023 - You quit as a security officer for no real reason and refused to hand over your security gear. 

21/02/2023 - As a HoS, you made an announcement authorizing security to perform ‘beatdowns’ to ‘stop at nothing to find syndies’, which led to a deathsquad being called. In an AHELP relay, you demonstrate seemingly oblivious behavior on why the deathsquad was called until the admin pointed out the obvious reason. 

23/02/2023 - As a HoP, you tried to get the station code epsilon’d twice in a row, which led to being bwoinked by an admin. A particular message stuck out to me, where you mentioned that ‘it’s been the same pattern in lizards den is too do your job and have fun but as soon as it hits halfway, command starts dying and going full shitter’

02/03/2023 - During an admin event (approved after server vote), chemistry lost their dispensers and were instead forced to mix chemicals themselves. You, as a CMO, called for a strike after 20 minutes because medical ‘didn’t have anything to do without chemistry’. 

These notes seem to indicate that you have a tendency to subvert our policies on command/security whenever you feel things are either not going your way or whenever you are feeling bored. Could you provide us with your perspective? 

I do that? I am so sorry, I genuinely thought I wasn’t doing anything bad I was just trying to have fun. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me but I am willing to try harder and work on my shitty behavior 

Regarding the third note mentioned, the admin who contacted you said the following: “Command has more responsibility and it held to a higher standard than other jobs”. However, after taking note of this, there were at least two (2) incidences of you engaging in questionable behavior and subverting our rules as command. The first is the fourth note mentioned above. The second one was not noted but did raise eyebrows after I went through it. 

On 07/03/2023, you (as a CMO) used the communications console to announce a vote to ‘abolish all clowns’ and stated ‘enjoy the free game hunting on clowns’. This led to at least one player being arrested for seemingly no reason. Chat logs are provided below:


In addition to the above, another set of logs show that you using the communications console to invited danger, as shown below: 


The following logs appear to refute your statement that


it’s not like me to ruin everyone else’s fun cause i got bored

May we know your perspective on these events? In addition, how would we know if you would not do this again?

Yeah I can see the fact that I’m a total asshole and apparently have no consideration for the others around me and should probably read the rules more and how do you know I won’t do this again? I honestly might take a big old break and work on myself, I am so sorry for the trouble I’ve caused, I honestly don’t know why I did this, if you could give me a second chance I’d be so grateful, but if you don’t I completely understand.

But yeah I really am trying to be better so if I could get an additional chance that would be awesome, also one question, is my launcher not opening at all, a result of the ban or is it a me thing

3 hours ago, Eden said:

is my launcher not opening at all, a result of the ban or is it a me thing

Bans won’t affect your launcher opening, they’ll only impact your ability to connect to Wizard’s Den servers.

I’ll have to reset my launcher 

Administrator consensus is to accept your appeal. In its place, you will be given an appeal-only department ban for command. Please be noted that under our policies, the next ban will be a voucher ban with a minimum waiting time of six months to appeal. You are on thin ice, and we kindly hope you will maintain a good streak of behavior.

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