Elysium1 - Self Antag

= For game bans =

Ban reason: Self Antag
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban: I asked for command access in order to make an announcement. I did this since I saw another person had access to command as a noncommand job. I went to HoP and asked for command. They gave me it, did my announcement then left. I entered the vault and grabbed booze and gold as a joke. I never messed with the nuke nor any other weapons within the vault. Some guy slipped in and I didnt want to just leave him in there so I held the door and went my way. I then hacked into sec and into armory. I didnt take anything besides armour and a disabler that I dropped after being ordered to. I did what sec told me and when I was told to stop, I stopped. I then headed back to command, did another announcement and gave myself AA because the cap let his ID in there for everyone to use. I was then blown up by an admin. Which was fair to be honest after that dumpster fire.
Reason the ban should be removed: I cooperated with all heads and I never did anything by force. I never hurt anyone with the intention of causing a “revolution.” I was never warned by a admin and frankly was confused on when I was saw I was banned. If anyone should be banned it should be command for allowing me to even get access. I will be fair and say that me breaking into sec was pretty self antag. But when sec told me to get out and to drop my gear, I did so. I never made weapons nor did I keep weapons. Worst I did was again, just taking armour as a bad gag. If they havent been already, the captain and the HoP should be banned for letting me do this rather than oversight me and doing their jobs properly. I was salty and not really there that night so I was just a cunt in chat and I am sorry for that. Hope this clears things up and I promise I learned a bit more from this.

For the record, breaking into armory as a non-antag is a big no-no and should be avoided, and generally you want to avoid walking into high-risk areas as a non-antag, even for gags. Giving yourself AA is also not really something you should do, as it creates problems for command and security, even if others are doing it. Considering you weren’t a part of a revolution, I’ll be accepting this appeal.

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