Elysium206's admin application

In-game Username:  Elysium206
Discord username:  withinelysium
Characters you play:  Emily Rathen

On average, how many hours do you expect to admin per week:  10-15

Days you are available to admin on:  changes often due to work and personal reasons. Expecting 2ish hours a day after work, and a possible day of admining on the weekend depending on plans

How old are you?  21

Do you have any SS14 experience outside of Wizard’s Den servers, or any SS13 experience?  Very brief experience on Delta-V. Almost zero experience in ss13

Do you have prior administration experience (SS13/SS14 experience preferred, please also post a way for us to verify this)? I do not have any previous administration experience 

Have you ever been banned from any SS14 or SS13 servers?  No

Admins have the ability to perform various tasks which are not available to the average player. An incomplete list of these tasks is: in-game rule enforcement, in-game events, ban appeals, and out-of-game rule enforcement through things like replay/log reviews in response to player reports. With these, and any other tasks you’re aware of in mind, answer the following two questions.

What are you primarily interested in doing as an admin? -primarily I wish to monitor rules and make the community less toxic overall. This includes but is not limited to rolebanning poorly performing and malicious security staff when warranted, and possibly banning repeat “shitters” who self antag out of boredom.

What are you least interested in doing as an admin?  Moderating the forums and discord isn’t something I wish to do

_ Answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning. _

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?
I believe admins exist to create a friendlier environment in the community and enforce rules of the game onto the player base. Secondarily they add a human sense to the events and actions befalling the station when prudent 

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?
I want to become an administrator to improve the experience of players who feel they have no recourse for other players awful actions. I understand that the administration team is understaffed and wish to help with that when my personal life allows it

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the servers?
I believe MRP servers are quite well setup. LRP is a much faster paced and interesting play style for those less interested in roleplaying. Although LRP seems to occasionally devolve into NRP when staff get bored or decide they don’t feel like it. 

Other than banning problematic players, what admin actions do you believe have the biggest positive impact?
Warning a good player who wants to make the station a fun place is always a good option. Sometimes a player might not realize what they are doing isn’t allowed or breaks a certain rule. Giving them a stern yet polite warning makes good players stay in the game improving the overall quality of rounds

Have you ever had a negative experience in the game or with a game admin? If so what, if anything, would you do to prevent other players from experiencing this?
In hindsight I have had no poor experiences with admins. There was a time I got into a “heated” debate with an admin about the validity of “shuttle votes”. In hindsight I misunderstood their point and realized I was being rude

Have you ever had a good experience with the game or a game admin? If so, what was it?
Plenty of times. Whether it be silly things such as funny events or the like. I’ve also had good experiences with being politely warned about minor infractions like “security betting on what will happen this shift” clearly metagaming but the punishment free warning is plenty to make me think “oh duh of course that’s against the rules, I won’t do it again”

The following are scenarios, respond with how you would handle each as an administrator. Respond with the assumption that you are an administrator with full access to the admin tools, and that you have all the knowledge needed to use these tools. Respond in detail, explain the reasons behind decisions you make and describe any assumptions you are making. When you need to make an assumption, it is preferred for you to describe how differences in the assumption would affect your actions.

It is the start of the round. There are 60 players on the server. The game mode is traitors, traitors have not been selected yet. There are three players who decided to observe the round instead of join it orbiting you. Two of them are encouraging you to “do something funny”.
It being the start of the round with the traitors not selected yet, I wouldn’t do anything. It’s FAR to early for “admeme” if traitors aren’t even select yet 

You see a clown using crayon to write on the floor in front of security. The clown writings are negative things about security, like “shitsec”. A secoff tells the clown that they’re being arrested for vandalism, stuns them, and cuffs them. Before the secoff is able to get the clown into the brig, a passenger slips the secoff, causing them to lose their baton, then uses the baton to stun another secoff that comes to help as the clown runs away. The passenger escapes through disposals. Having heard an AOS radio callout, the detective enters maintenance near disposals and shoots the passenger to crit. There are four players in this scenario, the clown, the passenger, the secoff, and the detective.
I would message the passenger and ask why they prevented security from doing their job. Assuming they are not an antag I would warn them to quit harassing security. The clown gets no message because they harmed nobody in the situation. Graffiti seems normal as a clown imo. The detective gets no message from me because he couldn’t risk the passenger taking his gun and pda with the stolen baton (assuming the detective brings them to medical afterwords)

You and another admin have been adminning for around an hour. The rate of issues has been easily manageable due to having 2 admins. Neither of you have been talking in admin chat. You are using ahelp to warn a player for breaking a rule when the other admin joins the ahelp and confirms that it is against the rules, but that it’s fine in this case and they can ignore the rule for the rest of the round. You haven’t taken any other admin actions yet, such as applying a ban or writing a note.
Honestly I’m not sure. I would admin message the other admin and ask why they said the player could ignore the rule. Hopefully they have a valid reason? As a new admin I wouldn’t want to tell a senior admin they’re wrong. I would need more experience of what goes on behind the scenes to give a definite awnser as to my actions so I suppose the awnser is “agree with the admin and confirm afterwords why, and is it ok”

Application accepted, please check your discord for instructions on how to proceed. Good luck during your trial period and welcome to the admin team!

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