Emisse - Scratchie (Natasha Batten): Unprofessional handling of ingame situation/griefing.

Lizard [US-WEST]

I signed on today as Natasha Batten Space Lawyer. Came on to the station from arrivals and started writing on a piece of paper. While I was writing on a piece of paper a random player stripped me butt naked in front of multiple people. I ran to the HoP who was having a conversation with the HoS and told them to call SEC because some person had forcibly stripped me. The HoS blew it off. I wrote a complaint that I had planned to fax to CentComm and demanded that the HoP signed off on it because they were a witness to the HoS ignoring it. Eventually the captain walked by saw me and I complained to them about what happened while they got me a pair of clothes. Then I got an admin message from Emisse, images attached.

I don’t appreciate getting blown off, but it’s low RP it is what it is. We’re conditioned to assume everyone included ourselves are completely useless on the station.

No, the biggest issue I have with this is my character getting sexually assaulted and then the fucking admin shows up out of nowhere to chew me out, writing it off as generic game mechanics and telling me to pretend it’s no big deal. This is completely unprofessional.









The relevant round appears to be Lizard 50370. A transcript of the ahelp is provided below.


:outbox_tray: **00:20:22** **Emisse:** dont accuse someone of sexual  assault in a joking manner 
:inbox_tray: **00:20:34** **Scratchie:** If I stripped you butt naked would that be sexual assault?
:inbox_tray: **00:20:41** **Scratchie:** I take this very serious.
:inbox_tray: **00:20:53** **Scratchie:** If you steal my brief case its like "oh you fucker" etc
:inbox_tray: **00:21:01** **Scratchie:** But to strip me butt naked in front of everyone no.
:inbox_tray: **00:21:10** **Scratchie:** That is sexual assault and I want this person locked up.
:inbox_tray: **00:21:25** **Scratchie:** and I want the fuckin HoS to actually take it seriously instead of blowing it off
:outbox_tray: **00:21:38** **Emisse:** someone stealing your outfit in this game isnt sexual assault due to the nature of the game, there is nothing inherently sexual about it and they didnt do anything remotely sexual in chat regarding it
:outbox_tray: **00:21:46** **Emisse:** if you want hos to take it serious just tell them you were robbed
:inbox_tray: **00:21:52** **Scratchie:** stripping me of my clothes off my body?
:inbox_tray: **00:22:04** **Scratchie:** is this some low rp like "oh it’s just a game mechanic"
:inbox_tray: **00:22:14** **Scratchie:** No this person took my clothes off my body by force
:outbox_tray: **00:22:14** **Emisse:** yes this is not a high rp server
:outbox_tray: **00:22:32** **Emisse:** accusing someone of sexual assault is something we take very seriously here
:inbox_tray: **00:22:34** **Scratchie:** I play this game for the stories not for the game mechanics or the W
:inbox_tray: **00:22:49** **Scratchie:** stripping someones clothes off them leaving them butt naked in front of everyone is sexual assault
:outbox_tray: **00:22:54** **Emisse:** the story of someone sexually assaulting someone is not a story we want to have on this game
:inbox_tray: **00:23:15** **Scratchie:** I don’t as well, and I really don’t fucking like that it happened and the head of security just blew it off
:inbox_tray: **00:23:38** **Scratchie:** this isn’t some funny story or some edgy story
:inbox_tray: **00:23:49** **Scratchie:** this is me trying to write on a piece of paper and getting forcably stripped
:outbox_tray: **00:24:18** **Emisse:** yes they ran up and stole your clothes, dont escalate it to sexual assault to get a response from security
:inbox_tray: **00:24:33** **Scratchie:** It was never an issue until HoS blew me off
:inbox_tray: **00:24:41** **Scratchie:** tell him to do is fucking job
:outbox_tray: **00:25:03** **Emisse:** this isnt about hos this is about you accusing some random who robbed you of sexual assault
:inbox_tray: **00:25:04** **Scratchie:** a simple warrent, the bare minimum a radio message "be on the look out for this disturbance caller"
:inbox_tray: **00:25:14** **Scratchie:** no he completely blew me off

I have not compared the transcript of the ahelp with the one provided by the complainant, but the complainant’s appears to be accurate and complete.

Sorry for the delay. This complaint has been rejected.

The server you were playing on is a low roleplay server. While we take sexual misconduct seriously, we also aim to keep sexual language, including IC accusations of sexual assault, off of our servers since minors can and do play on them. Space Station 14 is not designed to have sexual aspects to it so certain systems, like the clothing system, do not work in a way that allows them to mirror reality well. In Space Station 14, it is not uncommon to see a security officer take off someone’s uniform to put them into a prison uniform, or for a crew member to take off their own uniform to put another on, all in public spaces or in public view. Despite these things being inappropriate in the real world, in Space Station 14, they are typically not considered to be inappropriate or sexual.


  1. Wizard’s Den Lizard is a low RP server.
  2. Wizard’s Den servers do not allow sexual content, including in chat.
  3. While combining it with other actions can easily rise to the level of IC sexual assault, and therefore a rule violation, removing someone’s uniform is on its own is not a rule violation. If it were, gameplay would become cumbersome particularly for security.
  4. Due to finding 2, simply removing someone’s uniform cannot be labeled as sexual assault IC.
  5. The admin did not act unprofessionally.
  6. The admin did not tell the complainant to pretend that the situation was not a big deal, the admin only instructed the complainant to not label the situation as sexual assault.

Resulting Actions

  1. No action was taken due to the complaint being rejected.