Erstucaulk - banned for telling what was considered a sexual joke

Ban reason: sexual content announced for warops
Length of ban: 7 days
Events leading to the ban: writting “what if the syndicate was called the zestycate and they nuked asses instead of stations” in a war declaration
Reason the ban should be removed: The what if X was called zestyX and blah blah blah, its a very common joke that im sure everyone has heard these days, hell even the admin that contacted me knows of it, so, is it really sexual content when i say a joke everyone from all ages is used to hearing in an LRP server where nukies are somewhat expected to do non-serius warops declarations and people are supposed to be adults? I dont think anyone on the station considered my anouncement an actual sexual threat of any sort.

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From Ban Appeals to Game Servers

processing appeal

thank you for appealing but the ban has expired before we began processing it. please just try to keep it a touch more tame with the jokes moving forward since you also have a note for naming yourself Operative SEX. that being said welcome back and enjoy SS14

Added appeal-rejected, appeal-server-ban and removed appeal-pending

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