Even_nuller - Datacenter

SS14 account username: even_nuler
Ban reason: Datacenter
Date of ban: I don’t know
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I’m technically not banned from the server (I think). Basically a few days ago I started playing this game again but the only way I could’ve played was with a VPN. Thing is, the VPN I used had a 5gb free data every month which is way less than I use. So naturally I moved to another VPN (Windscribe) but when I try to play the game through different servers all of them (I haven’t tested them all) are banned for Datacenter reasons.
Reason the ban should be removed: I literally cannot play the game without a VPN because of my country’s current situation. Although I understand why you can’t/shouldn’t unban.

We exclusively block VPNs that are used to evade bans. You will have to find some VPN provider that is not currently rangebanned and see what works.

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