Ezo /Role ban appeal

SS14 account username: Ezo
Role(s): Sec Department.
Date of ban: 21/06/23
Length of ban: until successfully appealed.
Events leading to the ban: blew up HOS as a secoff.
Reason the ban should be removed: 9 days of issue free/maybe 1 minor dispute of playtime, ive reread the rules and believe i am fit to get back to playing sec.

i also do apologise for my actions blowing up hos room, i did not follow chain of command like i should have.

You seem to have a few days issue-free. We’ll dial this roleban back to just the Head of Security and Warden at this time, which I’ll make temporary for a week from now.  If you’re still on the right track with no issues then those bans will lift automatically. This appeal is accepted.

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