Fallen_Maple - Ban Appeal - Metafriending, over-escalation, cremating a bat


Ban reason:Suspected metacomunications/metafriending, gross over-escalation and trying to creamate a bat with metafriend.

date of ban:I dont know it doesnt say, but it was sometime last week.

length of the ban:Appeal only

Events leading to ban: I was going to play the game with my friend and I knew meta comming and I didnt know metafriending/hanging out with your friends too often was bad so we only talked in game, he was a chaplain and I was a chef and we ran into each other in game so we decided to start a cult and when we where in the church we heard someone wearing clown shoes hack and bolt the doors so we called engi and waited 5+ minutes for them to unbolt the door and when they left the clown came back and started playing the piano and a gaurd was nearby so we asked him to search the clown and the clown consented but when he serched him he found nothing, so we assumed the clown just left, threw away the tools and came back. so after a while a bat remnant spawned so we just hung around cause I was trying to learn how to use the digging tools in the church area graveyard/garden thing and after a while the bat left and went down the hall out of sight and we followed it after we heard hitting and when we got there we saw the clown attacking and beating the bat to death so we attacked the clown and when we where mourning over the bat the clown died, so we took the clown and the bat to the church and where going to cremate the clown to preform a ritual and I creamated the bat so I could burry him in the graveyard and then we where contacted by a mod.

Reason the ban should be removed:When we attacked the clown we where protecting the bat and I didnt see us creamating the clown as over escalation because we where cultists preparing to use him for a ritual. And it said in my ban reason that I was banned for creamating the bat but last time I checked the remnants cant be cloned and they respawn. I apologize for cremating the clown and hanging around my friend too often. And I dont know if temp bans are a thing but I have many hours on the game and the official servers and basically the only good ones, I would rather take a temp ban for a mistake then be permanently banned. 

Hello, banning admin here. I would just like to provide context for whoever handles this appeal:

I should start this off by saying that I personally warned you and a different user for obvious metacommunications about a week ago, to which both of you immediately attempted to lie that you were not. Despite this I let you off with a strict warning that it was not permitted behavior. The other user in this case (Klutz) who was not present with you the first time I talked to you also had a note for suspected metacommunication. Klutz’s in-character name of “Adam P” had also shown up multiple times in the adminhelp relay for questionable behavior prior to my interaction with this situation. Just prior to this “Kultz” was reported as telling other players to kill lizards specifically, a violation of one of our no-tolerance rules.

The version of events I got from the clown was this:

The two of you met up and immediately started a cult (against the rules to begin with). The clown did some minor tomfoolery. The guard searched the clown and found nothing important. You two did not like this outcome. You both agreed that you would kill the clown the next time you saw them for what was essentially little to no reason. The clown attacking your bat was a convenient scapegoat to claim self-defense, as you (lacking full context) did not know your bat had flown off and started attacking the clown unprovoked before the clown started fighting back.

You two murdered the clown and told everyone around you it was “self defense” and then you tried to cremate him for “justice”. You also got to re-summon your bat familiar, so in reality you murdered and tried to destroy the body of the clown as part of a cult while likely metacomming, or at the least identifying one another and metafriending to the degree it was unfair to other players.


I asked Klutz about his version of the events. He essentially said you were not metacomming but he saw the clown attacking the bat. “I saw them fighting and fought back our whole thing is we are religous so him killing the bat made us mad so we cremated him”. He appeared to have no concept of how cremating another player over a minor scuffle was a completely inappropriate response to the situation.

I asked you about your version of the events. You said the clown attacked your pet. You claimed you are religious worshippers. When I pointed out the bat attacked the clown first, unprovoked, you pointed out you would have no way of knowing that. I illustrated this is exactly why you shouldn’t just jump to murder at the slightest provocation. You said you “saw our follower being hurt and acted accordingly”. Like Klutz, you appear to have no concept that this amount of escalation is far beyond what is acceptable.


This incident combined with multiple prior notes on both of you for metacomming or generally poor/over-escalating behavior led me to just appeal ban both of you. Klutz has a prior note for killing players unprovoked and disconnecting, you have a prior note for welding evac doors shut for no purpose, and both of you have notes for metacommunication. I should note the first person you were metacommunicating with (“jackspaceman”) has already been appeal banned for ERP and killing other players unprovoked last week.

This appeal is denied due to your attempt at ban evasion. Our policy requires that you not be able to appeal until 6 months have passed since your last evasion attempt. You must also provide a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

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