Fan made lore for space station 14 that I made (also connected in some way with space station 13)

might be shitty but I tried
Bluespace resonance

In 3023, after several explosions and losses in the top secret sector, Nanotrasen decided to build a top secret station, based off the blueprints and tech of the space station 13. The main difference was that goal of the station, instead of researching something was to salvage the remnants of ground station group named “black forest” located inside the sector on several stations. However the station is also equipped with the technology to continue the research of “Black Forest”. However due to the Black Forest initiative being almost unknown to any other corporation, Nanotrasen could once more allow itself to put lizardpepole in head positions of the sector, but due to the risk of termination of the contract with TerraGov, Nanotrasen decided to restrict access to the sector, to keep the TerraGov contract

And then, the zombies arrived

However, the Nanotrasen wasn’t the only ones who were aware of the sector, syndicate was already starting to set up several outposts in the sector two months prior, however due to the fact that outposts weren’t ready, not all the contraband was available to the agents, already ready to blend in the crew, at the same time Interdyne paramaceutics, have discovered more efficient and deadly form of zombie virus on one of the planets, after discovery, using agents, the syndicate sended several agents on the space station, infected with the advanced zombie virus, and used the station as a biological polygon

And where are the space wizard federation and changelings?

On the other hand, space wizard federation do not know about the sector yet, however rumors about a “mysterious station with a number 14” have spread in the federation, some wizards who actually started to spread the rumors tried to troll the station without the support of the federation, usually it ends pretty badly for wizards. And getting back to the syndicate, Cybersun industries have developed a special grenade launcher and a heavy “juggernaut” suit as a budget cut version of shield suit, both are still exclusive to the sector because syndicate dosent find it necessary to export them outside of the sector, just like sending in changelings

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