[Felip] Apparently for ERP (i did not do that)

So, i was apparently banned for doing ERP mentions of cum while playing mob, wich i do not understand because i didn’t do that.

I Was playing and decided to have a break for lunch, then when i came back i saw this ban, it was all of a sudden and i didn’t do ERP, so i made this appeal, Please someone help me.

Also sorry if there is english errors, i’m not american.

And sorry for no templates, i was scared at the moment and didn’t knew what to do.

EDIT: I Think i realized what happened…i said something related as an animal, Oh my God i am so stupid…if i did please forgive me, i will never do it again it was a mistake please.

Didn’t another guy post about spider cum webs?

I Don’t know, you know the guy?

because i never said of “cum spider webs.”


But i think i was spamming stuff like that as an monkey, i thought nobody would see and i regret it so much, i am sorry and wish to come back to the game as a good individual.

Please read this post and use the template in it for your appeal:


From Rejected to Ban Appeals