Fishium job ban appeal

SS14 account username: fishium
Role(s): All command roles
Date of ban: 6/20/2023
Length of ban: I was told 3 days?
Events leading to the ban: I was playing on leviathan around midnight when a new shift started and I got CE. I was already a little tired but decided that 1 more round wouldn’t hurt. unfortunately I was soon struggling to keep my eyes open. I went to bridge and suicided so I could go to bed.
Reason the ban should be removed: Although I did fuck up by not ahelping before going, I feel a ban is a bit harsh. I feel like it would be reasonable if I suicided to avoid responsibility or suicided in the middle of a hallway, but I made sure I went to bridge first so that my stuff wouldn’t get stolen, I just forgot to ahelp it.  

I’ve lifted the role bans. If you’re able, please ahelp before leaving as an important role, there’s no need to wait for a response once you do.

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