Flare guns appear to overshadow makeshift shotguns on both stats and ease of aquiruring

so this post was made after a small talk with turbo on the discord. basically flare guns are smaller makeshift shotguns that are easier to aquire (since they can be found in oxygen and maints lockers, instead of having to find a receiver, wood or a stock, cut some cloth and i think a pipe?) and don’t immediately make you valid if caught with one.
oddly they can be loaded with any shell with no downsides, and don’t require wielding to use, meaning you can hold one in each hand to fire two shots quickly

turbo suggested that they should just explode if they fire anything other than a flare while still firing the shell

gonna also probably ideaguy suggest to try having the makeshift shotgun be able to hold more than one shell but with a much reduced firerate, reducing the amount of mid combat management that would have to be done

(sorry if this is wordsalady, written on my phone)

I thought flare guns already did explode? Might be bugged

oh yeah! i’m home now!
i can post the link to the small discussion i had for proof :tm:

yeah so no, they don’t explode right now, crit an RD with two flare guns and makeshift shells yesterday

Yea no it seems like it would be a bug if it doesn’t explode, here it was said to have been changed to explode and stun the player Discord