Flyguy-As sec cadet, welderbombed, ignored admin, and left

SS14 account username: Flyguy

Ban reason:“As sec cadet, welder-bombed, ignored bwoink, then DCed when killed”

Date of ban: Sometime late 2022, October I think.

Length of ban: Perma, appeal at forums

Events leading to the ban: Well it was late at night and I was getting pretty tired, so I decided to go out with a bang, and blew myself up with a fuel tank.

Reason the ban should be removed: I think the ban was kinda unnecessary (no disrespect), as I did it in a secluded part of the station, and the only person that died or was affected in anyway was me. The station didn’t lose power or anything like that.

Okay I’m looking at my post ow and realize why i was perma-banned, it’s because I DC’d when admin tried talking to me. Even though i was already gonna leave anyway, i should have stayed and talked to admin, as not doing it only dug my hole deeper.

Hi Flyguy,

We’ve gone over your appeal and have come to the verdict, of which we will be lifting this ban.

Try to avoid disconnecting during admin confrontation after situations like that- there are several players of malicious intent that try to welderbomb then immediately disconnect.

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