Food Effect Buffs and Ideas

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I’d like to collect ideas on how to make food more interesting. The general idea is that food doesn’t serve much of a purpose at the moment and there’s not really much of a reason to cook any specific food over any other. I’d like to try to incentivize spacemen to eat their favourite foods in order to get small buffs (with the aim of personally implementing this system sometime in the future). Here are some ideas already:

  • Soups and Spicy Food: Raise your body temperature and heal a little bit of cold damage over time.
  • Burgers and Fatty foods: Reduce the effects of alcohol/space drugs and very slowly heal poison damage.
  • Hearty foods: Increase your body’s natural healing rate for brute damage.
  • Caffinated drinks: slight movement speed boost.

I’m not sure exactly how you’d go about the implementation. Some of this stuff makes sense to be a reagent (like caffeine), other stuff might make more sense to be its own separate “food buff” that you only get for eating (not grinding) a meal, and it would make sense that you can only have one or two of these food buffs at a time to avoid stacking them.

If there are any other proposals that have been made for the food system link me to them. Or if there are any other parts of the kitchen you’d like to see gain a bit more use (like the grill) tell me what you’d like to see. Or if you have any ideas on what maluses the food system should have for hungry spacemen throw those ideas in too.

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