Fried_water1 - I pushed that button

SS14 account: Fried_water1
Character name: Mark Dirt(not sure but pretty confident this is the right one)
Type of Ban: was a temp ban now it is a perma
Date of Ban and Duration: Friday July 8th 2022 to Sunday July 10th 2022, IT IS NOW Friday July 8th 2022 to FOREVER
Reason for Ban: “Tried to set of the Nuke dooming the station as non-antag”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: admin set off the nuke because… reasons?(not sure joined a bit late) anyway cap was being a dork and took so long disarming that the station was panicking in Evac. the nuke disarmed and I eventually wandered back to the vault area and saw that the doors were bolted open and the disk was in…what was expected of me… to walk away? yes, but I could not. for the button called. I pressed it and ran. the clock had another 30 seconds on it and any random crew mate in the area could stop it(they ALL knew were the room was) and I realize the whole “set off the nuke” thing and that I would get banned from the round or for the weekend. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: well I understand why I was banned and I see the ban very fair, I was ready to wait it out. then today I saw the updated ban screen and made an appeal. I do not agree with is the change to perma, If a ban is made it should be constant and not changing at whim. It is fine to perma ban and to punish people that are active idiots by removing them permanently, but it is another thing to change a verdict after it was given. this change to my ban was not in the same hour or the same day, It happened on the 9th over 24 hours after I was banned. I think that if the admin is undecided about his/her opinion on the ban then they should tell that to the player, just ban them with a message such as"your ban is being decided and for now is set to 24 hours, the admin may revisit your case to change that ban" and I would be completely happy with that. It is the inconsistency that bothers me and If this is not the fault of the admins and just a error of computers or rules, then I am sorry for going on this tangent. I believe my first ban was right and justified it is the inconsistency and later changes to permanent I am here to appeal.

thank you for your consideration of this issue.


1. please make the ban screen appear before the server is full screen, I can’t see my ban notice during most hours

2. please give admin names along with the ban, It could help sorting the bans and let me see if my ban was changed by the same admin or a different one.

3. why are admins able to change each others bans? seems like the person that made the ban had more context and clarity in the situation than another admin that only saw the previous admins notes.

4. I would like to make it Very clear that I agree with my first ban and I should be banned for the nuke thing, it is the later change to the ban that brings me here.

The ban duration change was as a result of your sheer quantity of bans, being, as the reason states, seven in five months (not six, five). It should have always been appeal only because of that. In terms of time actually banned, it’s actually only been four months.

Of your seven bans, four of them have been done by different admins including one very short one by me. You do not need to know who banned you when and how. We operate as a team.

You are rapidly approaching the glass ceiling. Your next ban will be unappealable. Do you recognize how your behavior is showing us a pattern of you being a consistently misbehaving player? Most players never get banned. You have done it seven times.

May I have a list of my bans so I can review them,

I never realized the sheer amount of bans I got in such a short period of time, I have a bad tendency to just set a date and forget it. now at my second perma ban I realize my actions aren’t providing me or anyone else a benefit and am ready to improve my behavior.

First ban was February 14. 24 hours for staging a mutiny as HoS then logging out when contacted.

Second ban was February 17. 48 hours for drone griefing.

Third ban was March 3rd. 3 days for drone griefing again.

Fourth ban was March 15. Permanent ban for drone griefing again. You successfully appealed April 19th.

Fifth ban was may 1st. 12 hours for flooding atmos with water vapor.

Sixth ban was June 30th. 5 minutes to get you to stop bypassing your carp accent. This was your longest gap between bans by a very wide margin and the 5 minute ban length of “you need to stop doing this” reflects that. In retrospect this probably should’ve been 24 hours or 12 hours (I can make that call because I was the one who made this ban).

Your seventh ban was July 8th, originally 48 hours and extended to appeal-only, for arming and detonating the nuke as non-antag- which you claim you just “couldn’t resist”.

You’re now asking for an 8th chance. Do you recognize that this is a comically absurd amount of chances for one person to be given?

Quantity of bans makes this unappealable. You had 7 chances to be ‘ready to improve your behavior’, you don’t get any more.

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