Fuggo - Banned from cargo

Role(s): All of cargo
Length of ban: Permanent I think
Events leading to the ban: I’m not so sure why I was role banned, I just logged in one day and see I was banned from all cargo roles. I’m guessing it has to do with a cargonia which I did not really participate in, only played along with because I was salvage antag and it was going to help me kill a cargo technician who was my kill objective. I believe I messaged chief_engineer beforehand that I was antag and I was playing along but not really engaging with QM’s cargonia. If I was banned from cargo for another reason please state why.
Reason the ban should be removed: I was antag and it did help with my kill objective, so I did not object when QM suggested it. I did not really engage with it however, I was at multiple times taking the cargo shuttle and leaving the rest to fight for themselves, but I guess I got pressured to help them. Again, I’m just assuming this is why I got role banned.

The role ban is a 1 week department role ban which expires on the 24th

Contributing to the bans was you appearing to be the first person to mention cargonia that round:


then answering yes when the QM asks if you wanted to do cargonia:


I don’t really remember the context of me saying “cargonia time” but I’m pretty sure I only meant it as a joke. Also when QM said do we do cargonia I didn’t think he would actually push through with it, but I did play along with it as it was very convenient for my kill objective. The most I did in engaging with cargonia was fly the others out in the cargo shuttle when cargo was being hunted by everyone else, and I only did that so I could carp bomb them when they we’re inside, but captain was fast and got in the shuttle before we got away.

This ban is temporary and expires July 24th, 2023, at about 4:40 AM EST. Cargonia is strictly forbidden for a reason and everyone (including antagonists) need permission for it. We would suggest not mentioning it at all because it becomes an extremely pervasive problem when people start doing it.


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