Gab_Solo - Self antag

Ban reason: “Self antagonism, Broke into armory during the 24h event”
Length of ban: 24h
Events leading to the ban: so I was making a shuttle with another engi, then I died due to the arrivals shuttle arriving on me, respawned 2 hours later to find it finished, so I joined the group on it. One of them said something about breaking into armory, which we all thought was a joke, and when he actually started breaking a wall down one of us even asked if he atleast got permission from an admin, which he did not answer. I admin to not have really protested as I would have not really taken anything anyway, but all I did was just watch. I didn’t say “sure, that sounds cool” or anything like that, I just watched wondering if I should go to the shuttle or not, and then after we all died due to admin spawned mines, an admin talked to me in ahelp chat telling me I’ll be banned because I didn’t really protest and breaking into armory is self antag.
Reason the ban should be removed: again, I really didn’t help or anything like that, I just stood there. its like taking a pedestrian that watched a bank robbery. The ban is 24 hours, but I really love the game and want to play it more. I am sorry that me just standing there was innapropriate, maybe I should have atleast went back to the shuttle. Have a good new year

also I did not protest in Ahelp when the admin was speaking with me because I did not realise how ridiculous it was

I’m going to close this appeal as the ban has since expired.

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